Our 3D ADPKD model system provides significant advancement in throughput and pathophysiologic relevancy.

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DBM is a boutique biotechnology company founded in 2007 on the principle that if the end goal is to discover and use drugs for human patients, it makes the most sense to integrate the most relevant human cell platforms as early as possible into the drug discovery and validation process. We apply this principle to all our CRO and R&D projects.

Leveraging Human Cell Platform Technologies

DBM's mission is to fill a critical niche within the modern drug discovery industry by specializing in custom human cell engineering and human cell-based drug discovery.

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We are very positive on your customized and collaborative approach to CRO services projects. Your communication skills are excellent and we can tell that you work on that consistently. These factors helped us to decide to work with you on a long-term project.

Principal from a small Biotechnology company

The human taste bud cell cultures that you are developing and the bioassays that you have developed, along with the growth formats that you are implementing, could be game changers in a vigorous industry involving foods, beverages, food additives, food ingredients and the like.

Consultant familiar with the taste industry

Your company is one of a few if not the only Renal CROs globally and we have been searching for them vigorously recently.

Principal from a large BioPharmaceutical company client

Your 3D ADPKD cystogenesis assays are the most developed and are superior to other laboratories attempting to do the same profiling assays.

Principal from a small Biotechnology company

Your genotyped primary human ADPKD cells have been vitally important for our genomics studies in ADPKD.

Principal from a genomics unit within a large BioPharmaceutical company client

The biomarker data derived from your primary human ADPKD cell cultures from multiple donors matched our data derived from whole PKD kidney tissue.

Principal from a medium-sized Biotechnology company client

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TumorCube, a New Unit within DiscoveryBioMed, Will Use 3D Biogel-based Platforms to Perform 384-Well Plate-based Bioassays and 3D Bioreactor-driven Studies to Discover, Validate and Profile Anti-cancer Therapeutics on Human Cancer Cells

DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. (DBM, www.discoverybiomed.com) announces a new unit of its contract research organization (CRO) services business called TumorCube that is formed based upon our growing expertise in 3D Biogel-driven bioassays on…

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Introducing SENTIRIX, a New CRO Unit of DiscoveryBioMed focused on Taste Profiling

SENTIRIX, a New DiscoveryBioMed Unit Working With Monell Center Licensed Technology, Will Implement Human Taste Bud Cell Platform Technologies as a Valuable Screening and Profiling Tool for the Food, Beverage,…

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DiscoveryBioMed and Monell Chemical Senses Center Awarded $1.68 Million Small Business Grant to Profile Bitter Taste Blockers

Collaboration Will Screen Human Taste Bud Cells with Small Molecule Libraries to Develop Easier Ways for Children and Adults to Take Bitter-Tasting Medications

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