2018 – Diseased and Normal Human Cell Platform Technologies

DBM has found its niche in this above marketplace. DBM creates and establishes human cell platforms and designs and invents bioassays using the same human cell platforms as key ingredients. And even though it is a new year, DBM carries with it the same bedrock vision it held when the company was founded in 2007 – better results through leveraging diseased human cell platform technology. We look forward to continue to serve the biotechnology sector locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally with our expertise, know-how and innovative assays.

Although many of our clients are confidential, we thank them all for their patronage. We are gratified to have extended work with many of them. We see an increased interest in ‘humanizing” drug discovery and profiling within industry and academia and DBM is gratified that our core principle is gaining traction among our clients and in the marketplace.

DBM is proud to announce continued progress in one “Fast Track” SBIR award supported by the NIH ORIP focused on the creation of genotyped human ADPKD cell platforms and 3D cystogenesis bioassays using such diseased human kidney cell platform technology. We are humbled by the receipt of a new “Fast Track” SBIR award supported by the NIH NIEHS focused on the creation of normal human kidney cell platforms for cytotoxicity testing. Both SBIR awards focus principally on DBM’s strong suits – designing cell platforms for real world and applied science experimental applications. They are also quite complementary. DBM intends to use these monies to develop additional novel cell platforms that will be useful in cytotoxicity testing, drug discovery and lead compound and drug profiling. DBM is also self-funding an effort to create new diabetic kidney cell platforms and already has established primary cultures isolated from diabetic kidney tissue.

DBM is also developing human cell platforms for the taste bud and taste sensory physiology, an important initiative for us. We are also developing diseased and normal human skin cell platforms for our bioassay services work and we have keen interested in 3D growth format diseased cell platforms in cancer and PKD as well as in normal tissues. Finally, we have become facile in custom cell immortalization services with multiple genetic strategies. Our creativity is driving these efforts.

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