A heartfelt Thank You and a Special Offer for our Global CRO Services Clients

DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. (DBM)has remained in business using a lab shift-based model and extra precautions through the entirety of this global health crisis since March 2020 and we continue to follow strict guidelines.

We wanted to extend a quite heartfelt thank you to all of our CRO services clients which is growing and global clientele from across the US, Canada, multiple parts of the UK, multiple parts of the European Union, and Japan. Your continued patronage is very important to us, and the applied science we are doing to profile lead therapeutic assets for different human diseases and to screen for new ligands for different applied science indications is continually rewarding, fun and interesting

We have added two new units during 2020. Our Sentirix unit is focused on the applied science use of human taste cell platforms for multiple industry sectors. Our TumorCube unit is focused on niche forms of human cancer where the cells are cultured and profiled as 3D organoid tissues as well as in traditional 2D formats.

We continue deep efforts in our Renal and Urological sector, and we have active projects using human skin cells of different types, human vascular endothelial cells, human immune cell-based reporter lines and primary human adipocytes.

For Q4 2020 into Q1 2021, we are also offering significant discounts as a Special Offer if we line up multiple clients for each new unit or sector of our CRO services business. Please inquire directly to us if you have an active engagement or recent past engagement with DBM or anew via the CRO services inquiry portals on our website. We are also active on The Scientist portal and on the Science Exchange portal.

Our most sincere appreciation and best of luck to you all.

Stay well and stay safe! Stay positive and calm yet vigilant in protecting your health and the health of others.

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