Author: Dr. Erik M Schwiebert

DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. Declares a Sharpened Focus on Renal Cell Biology and Physiology and on Renal Diseases

Through both natural evolution of our R&D programs and within our CRO services business, DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. (DBM, Inc.) has identified a sharpening focus in Renal or Kidney Cell Biology and Physiology and in Renal Diseases over the last year, in 2016, and going forward.

We invite interested parties to view our newly redesigned website where this focus is declared and apparent.

It is ironic that DBM’s founder, Dr. Erik Schwiebert, first worked on Renal Cell Physiology while a lab technician, first year Ph.D. student, and Ph.D. candidate while in Dr. Bruce Stanton’s laboratory at Dartmouth. “In my very first memories of culturing rodent and human cells, I was involved in establishing primary cultures and growing those cultures and immortal cell lines from the nephron of the kidney so as to study the regulation of epithelial sodium and chloride channels in collecting duct-derived cells,” Erik explained. “I am very familiar with establishing and growing kidney cells as well as studying them and characterizing them. It is therefore not surprising that DBM has also gravitated to that although it was not overtly intentional.”

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