2021-2022 Focus – Validation of the Output of Artificial Intelligence-driven Drug Discovery Initiatives with DBM’s Diseased and Normal Human Cell Platforms and Bioassays

As a premier Human Cell Models CRO, a growing sector for DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. is validation of drug targets and drug candidates identified by artificial intelligence (AI)-based inquiry. AI can identify one or more drug targets for a particular human disease, and it can also identify existing small molecules to re-purpose and/or design new compounds that may engage the drug target. However, a key inflection or validation point is putting the AI-driven drug targets and candidates into practice. At present, DBM is helping multiple active AI clients validate drug targets and lead therapeutic assets in custom designed bioassays performed on primary human diseased and/or normal cell cultures. Validation at this key in vitro step is much less expensive than proceeding directly to an animal model of disease. If the targets and compounds are validated in DBM bioassays, refinement of the compounds can occur such as iterative medicinal chemistry and other approaches. Then, after deep profiling and optimization in vitro with DBM, one can proceed to develop the lead clinical candidates in the best animal model of disease.

If this story resonates with your program, please inquire via our CRO services inquiry portal on our website or via portals such as the The Scientist, Science Exchange or LinkedIn if you wish us to profile and validate AI-discovered targets and assets for your organization.

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