2021-2022 Focus – Utility of DBM’s Diseased and Normal Human Cell Platforms and Bioassays in Metabolomics, Genomics, Proteomics and Medium-throughput Screening

DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. has matured into a premier Human Cell Models CRO by growing, expanding and leveraging its diseased and normal human cell cultures, platforms and bioassays into almost every human cell or tissue type. “There is no human cell that we will not culture or assay,” exclaimed Dr. Erik Schwiebert, DBM’s CEO and CSO.

DBM is now executing larger projects with industry clients where we can perform targeted medium-throughput screening (MTS) using our human cell-driven bioassays, termed by us as “humanized drug discovery.”

DBM also now believes that our diseased versus normal human cell cultures, particularly those grown in 3D Biogel culture formats as “organoids”, have important utility in metabolomics, genomics, and/or proteomics profiling of human disease. DBM will grow the human cells in the appropriate growth format and harvest the required samples for the client. DBM can perform metabolomic or genomic profiling itself “in house”, or it can provide the samples to the client and/or a third-party CRO for analysis.

Please inquire via our CRO services inquiry portal on our website or via portals such as the The Scientist, Science Exchange or LinkedIn if you wish us to perform these specialized programs for your organization. Special opportunities exist in human polycystic kidney disease, human chronic kidney disease, and human renal cancer versus normal human kidney cells as well as diseased versus normal human adipocytes as well as in human taste bud tissue-derived cells. Opportunities in other human cells and tissues are also available – please inquire.

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