2021-2022 Focus – Diseased and Normal Human Primary Cell Culture Creation

As a premier Human Cell Models CRO, a continuing focus for DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. is primary human cell culture creation. We have frequent inquiries about our capabilities across multiple tissue types. DBM has deep expertise in creating longer-lived primary cultures that also maintain physiological phenotypes. We have active efforts in multiple types of human sensory tissues as well as in human kidney, liver, and lung tissues. “Diseased versus normal human cell culture creation and their utility in 3D and 2D in vitro bioassays continues to be a huge emphasis for DBM,” explained Dr. Erik Schwiebert, CEO and CSO. “With uncertain outcomes in profiling lead therapeutic assets in rodent models of disease, our in vitro preclinical diseased versus normal human cell-driven bioassays have been adopted in parallel or in lieu of animal models.” A co-development agreement can also be discussed between the client and DBM to isolate and establish new human cell cultures, models and platforms.

Please inquire via our CRO services inquiry portal on our website or via The Scientist, Science Exchange or LinkedIn if you wish us to create new diseased and/ normal human primary cell cultures for future bioassay experimentation by us on your behalf or internal to your organization.

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