Custom Assay Development

Throughout DBM’s 14 plus years in operation, we have designed and performed custom projects for clients when off-the-shelf solutions were not appropriate. We have expertise in several therapeutic areas including renal, respiratory, metabolic, sensory and skin and have worked with myriad cell types in both 2D and 3D tissue culture formats. If you have a difficult or custom project, please submit a request below and our team of scientists will work with you to help determine feasibility and cost.

Custom Cell Line Services

-Patient-Derived cell line creation
-Primary human and animal cell platform establishment
-Human cell immortalization

Hit-to-Lead and Lead Asset Testing

-Conducted using cell cultures of relevance to client’s study
-Allows client to generate new, promising compounds for disease implications

Validation of Artificial Intelligence-Derived Therapeutics in Normal and Diseased Platforms

When algorithms detect a promising candidate molecule for disease implications, we can provide relevant data testing candidate molecules using our human normal and diseased cell platforms

Targeted High-Throughput Screening in 3D or 2D Formats w/ Human Lung, Renal, Vascular, and Other Cell Cultures

We provide high-quality, customizable screening on platforms of disease relevance
Validation using ion-sensitive fluorescent probes or voltage-sensitive dyes in intact, living cells at physiological temperatures and in real time

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