DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. internship program is paying dividends and is identifying talent for us and for the biotechnology workforce

DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. is pleased to update everyone on the progress of its internship program. In our 12 years of business, we have welcomed over 15 interns into DBM and we have exposed as many or more to the biotechnology career path during that time. Recently, we had our third intern from Grinnell College, Shaina Zarkin-Scott, who worked with DBM initially as a part-time intern and then a Staff Scientist for a year. She was preceded by Christina Fu and Elisabeth Schwiebert, currently upperclasswomen at Grinnell. Turner Schwiebert is a data analysis intern for us at present and he is a Data Analytics major at Denison University. Our connections to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) are also realizing talented interns and full-time employees. Molly Buckley is completing her Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at UAB and is linking DBM to a collaboration with Dr. Joel Berry in 3D bioreactor technology. A Ph.D. candidate, Alba Martinez, working with Molly and Dr. Joel Berry, is also going to be a key principal in these new efforts in niche human cancers. Stephen Kinney, an MS student in Biotechnology at UAB, is a part-time intern assisting DBM in AI-driven analysis of 3D Biogel imaging platform-generated data for CRO services client programs. He is also being exposed to biotechnology and to other aspects of the DBM enterprise. Manuela Jojoa-Portilla has also joined DBM as a part-time intern recently and has progressed to a full-time staff scientist and laboratory manager. Manuela is interested in data analytics and bioinformatics, and she and Stephen are assisting DBM’s Dr. Deborah Mai in the analysis of at least 6 client programs active at the moment in DBM’s ADPKD cystogenesis assays performed in 3D Biogels contained in 384-well plates and subjected to high-content imaging.

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