DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. Is Proving to Be an Advantageous CRO for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Firms Focused on Drug Target and Discovery for Human Genetic Diseases and Human Diseases in General

DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. is a niche CRO that specializes in the creation and use of diseased and normal human cell platforms in ‘off the shelf’ and customized in vitro bioassays. 

Our services are particularly useful to recently established and emerging artificial intelligence firms focused on identifying new drug targets for human diseases and candidate small molecules that may be purposed and/or re-purposed for human diseases. Critically, the output of these AI processes needs to be tested in living, intact human cell platform technologies to (1) validate the AI-driven output and (2) optimize and refine the drug targets and candidate drugs in vitro in human cell platforms and assays of biological relevance and disease relevance before embarking on more expensive in vivo animal model studies and in vivo animal toxicology studies. 

Please reach out to DBM on our website,, and inquire via our CRO services inquiry portals located in many places on our webpages. We can follow up with a ‘white paper’ that summarizes our existing ‘off the shelf’ capacity and capabilities as well as introduce new human cell platforms and initiatives. 

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