DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. promotes Dr. Deborah Mai to Chief Biological Officer

DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. (DBM, Inc.) is pleased to announce that Dr. Deborah Mai has been promoted to Chief Biological Officer, effective January 2015.

Dr. Mai is responsible for and will direct the biological or bioassay initiatives for DBM. “Deborah has been a whirlwind since joining DBM first as an intern and then as a Staff Scientist in late 2011 and early 2012” explained Dr. Erik Schwiebert, DBM’s CEO and Chief Scientific Officer. “She conceived of, optimized and implemented her own drug discovery program during her Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and then sought to continue those efforts in the biotechnology space. As such, she was a perfect fit to join the DBM team.”

Dr. Mai has been a creative and innovative force in the programs that she has developed or improved at DBM. She has embraced the use of human cell platforms in Drug Discovery and Development and has seen repeatedly the ‘value add’ of using primary normal and diseased human cells in validation and profiling of hit-to-lead compounds (drug candidates). This approach has been quite valuable in the profiling and selection of hit-to-lead compounds for metabolic diseases in recent months, fueled by a new SBIR award to be realized in a few months to drive this work forward that she and Dr. John Streiff, DBM’s Chief Chemoinformatics Officer, will lead together.

About DiscoveryBioMed, Inc.

DBM focuses on Humanized Drug Discovery, the use of intact, living human cells derived from normal or diseased adult tissue as physiologically-relevant and disease-relevant platforms on which to discover novel therapeutics. Said another way, the end goal is to administer the final approved drugs to human patients; therefore, why not screen therapeutic candidates on human cells? Our programs use human cell platforms to discover and validate novel drugs for all of its R&D programs in Renal/Urologic/Oncologic, Respiratory, and Metabolic areas. DBM’s complementary CRO services business establishes human cell platforms for clients and it also uses such platforms to profile lead assets for clients in bioassays that it performs. We specialize in the same three therapeutic areas now to provide focus. See the DBM website,, for more information about the company, its new foci, and its scientific strategies and methods.

Contact information:
Dr. Erik M. Schwiebert, Ph.D.
205-918-8138, ext 1

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