DiscoveryBioMed, Inc., A Human Cell Models Company, Is Adding Additional Human Tissue and Cell Sectors Driven by Industry Client and Collaborator Demand

2021 was an unprecedented revenue generation year. We were humbled and honored to serve or support over 50 industry clients worldwide.

Driven by client demand, we are deepening our efforts in Kidney and Sensory cell and tissue sectors and adding a suite of new and emerging sectors.

Kidney: In addition to our 3D Biogel-based and 384-well plate-based polycystic kidney disease (PKD) cyst cell-driven organoid ‘cystogenesis’ assays and other multiplexed assay endpoints, we are also gathering a panel of novel diseased human kidney cancer cell models for 3D bioassay interrogation. We are also continuing pilot efforts in human chronic kidney disease (CKD) cell and tissue models.

Sensory: Our SENTIRIXTM unit is deepening its efforts in human taste bud tissue-derived cell cultures as a human cell model of taste transduction. We have multiple medium-throughput screening campaigns in process for industry clients. We also have a new human eye cell model creation collaboration with Advancing Sight Network that is supported in part by a major BioPharmaceutical company in Europe.

Oncology: Our TumorCubeTM unit has been launched recently and is underpinned by novel human renal cancer cell cultures but also will be supported by other new urological and reproductive cancer cell cultures to fit with an existing and new sector of the business.

Liver: As an offshoot of our Renal sector, we are establishing human polycystic liver disease (PLD) cell cultures and bioassays, supported in part by two industry clients.

Reproductive: A new sector of our CRO services business is focused on diseased human cell platforms of the reproductive tract and novel bioassays designed around these new human cell models as the key ingredient. More details will follow on these efforts.

Neural: A new sector of our CRO services business is focused on normal and diseased human pre-neuronal to differentiated neuronal cell platforms and bioassays. More details will follow on these efforts.

DBM has always had ‘off the shelf” capabilities in the following three sectors and we have active clients in each sector, which we wish to deepen in 2022 and going forward:

Respiratory: Diseased and normal human cell model and bioassay capabilities in human airway epithelial cells, human airway smooth muscle cells, and other relevant cell types. Please inquire.

Skin: Psoriatic and normal human cell model and bioassay capabilities in human skin epithelial cells (keratinocytes), human dermal firboblasts, and human melanocytes. Please inquire.

Metabolic: Diseased and normal human pre-adipocytes to differentiated adipocytes and a suite of bioassays to examine the cell model or platform deeply. Please inquire.

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