Discovery BioMed is proud to announce our human taste division called Sentirix. Sentirix is a commercial-academic collaboration between the Monell Chemical Senses Center and DiscoveryBioMed, which has culminated in the goal to commercialize and offer hTBEC platform technologies to multiple industry sectors. 

hTBEC Technology

We are overcoming the limitations of taste biology by using human taste bud epithelial cell (hTBEC) platforms and hTBEC-driven bioassays. hTBECs have been derived from individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds, have been characterized both functionally and genetically, and have been a powerful tool for advancing our understanding of taste cell function.

2 Dimensional Monolayer of hTBEC Cells in Culture
3 Dimensional hTBEC Cellular Aggregate
Real-time calcium response of hTBECs to saccharin, a sweet ligand

Sentirix has already established proof-of-concept that bitter-responsive hTBEC platforms can be used to discover, validate and profile bitter blockers, small molecules that mask the bitter taste of BioPharmaceutical medicines. Numerous potential applications of hTBEC technology exist in the Food and Beverage and BioPharmaceutical Industries.

For more information about offerings from Sentirix, please visit our dedicated site.